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Living in a mediated world meant that everything was an abbreviated version of an experience that an entire generation hadn’t had. This was the tragicomic millennial undertow. Everyone loved to surf. No one learned to swim.
The Scream 2: Now With More Angst
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How many times has the alphabet pinned me heavy to the fat back of a spinning celestial rock? How many bouts have I lost against language itself? 

Twenty six letters, and if I could just put them in the right order. What an odd act of faith, trying at all, to represent the heat and electricity of conscious life as anything other than a desperate surrendered moan.
 How thick is the world? How thin and hopeless are our bones braced against it? Not that defeat isn’t it’s own privileged grace. To feel the weight of the globe thunk against the tiny chamber of your heart. And let it crush you.

How to Cope

Imagine all of your stress and anxiety as a rock. Grip that rock in the palm of your hand. Feel the weight of it. Toss it up and down. Put it in a pile. 

How to Cope: Expanded Artists’ Edition

Mine for new anxieties to use until you’ve built a mountain of rocks with a hollow center. Crawl inside. 

Invite people to your cave. Give them a tour. Say to people: Here is my rock collection! Smile wide and point emphatically: Someday I’m going to polish them!
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Dad + Rainbow

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a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now
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