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How to Cope

Imagine all of your stress and anxiety as a rock. Grip that rock in the palm of your hand. Feel the weight of it. Toss it up and down. Put it in a pile. 

How to Cope: Expanded Artists’ Edition

Mine for new anxieties to use until you’ve built a mountain of rocks with a hollow center. Crawl inside. 

Invite people to your cave. Give them a tour. Say to people: Here is my rock collection! Smile wide and point emphatically: Someday I’m going to polish them!
cool / sad job: professional laugher
Dad + Rainbow

deal with it

a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now
when times get tough keep clicking
Hangin with  Eske
mixed media on canvas
sometimes laura owens hides paintings behind her paintings, apparently. It’s not a logical thing to do. A lot of her work is a bravado effort at frustrating logic, visual or otherwise. That energy runs counter to the subject matter; simple, silly, joyful. 

Laura Owens whitneymuseum Biennial 2014
Extra careful (at PUDGE KNUCKLES)
Justice and liberty pharrell
Werkin late / late werk
every life is a slow poem about death
Hey wow this is something! #karawalker #domino #creativetime