Hi! I’ve been working with some lovely people putting together something called ArtLiars.

The ArtLiars are a team of improvisors who will lead a harrowing and immersive exhibition talk into the realm of the infinitely possible and completely unknown. We’re going to put satire in a headlock and try to squeeze it to death, live, at an art fair. It’s sort of like if Theodor Adorno collaborated with Carrot Top ‘just for lulz.’ 

You should come join us. You might find yourself on stage in a great debate with the artists, the muses, or the art itself. 

I can’t really explain it. Oh dear. You kind of have to be there. It’s a happening, man. 

We’ll be showcasing objects made by Nic Rad, Ashley Zelenskie, Sarah McDougald Kohn, and Andrea Mary Marshall. 

Created by:
Nic Rad, Josh Lukaris and the Anti-Futurists

Here’s a website: http://artliars.tumblr.com/

March 9th

Time: 7PM
Name: Fountain Art Fair
Venue: The Armory,69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Avenue @ 25th Street
Hosted by: Artlog

March 10th

Time: 7PM
Venue: OLD SCHOOL, 233 Mott Street, New York NY 10012
Hosted by: Artlog