Here is a painting I made called Catlas Shrugged for the Ca$h Cat Show

Come to the show in Dumbo next week and if you do, say hello. I feel like I should give something cool to ppl who follow this tumblr at somepoint. Maybe suggest something for me to give you, idk. Do say hi- otherwise it’s weirder I think. 

This ole thing is up for auction with 100% of any sale price going to benefit BARC animal shelter. 

Let’s help out all those freeloading cats and dogs just looking for a handout. 

Here is what I wrote on the submission form:

"This is the smuggest cash cat in history of cash cats. This cash cat doesn’t care about poor cats, he only cares about number one. He is an ethical egoist, radically self interested, douche cat. Charity you say? Charity is treating daddy soft paws here to an extra dish of whole milk or spraying a little yum yum sauce on 6000 thread count egyptian cotton.  (To add a layer of mind blistering social cat-i-cism, should this culturally significant painting sell, I will give any proceeds to BARC. To complete the work I will dig up Ayn Rand’s bones and use them like a xylophone to play ‘This Land is Your Land.’ Will credit in my closing arguments and at the opening of any future retrospectives. Thank you, goodnight. "