There is a great little digital publication called The New Inquiry. I was so excited I made this gif about it. Check it out and subscribe if you’d like to support the writers who contribute. It’s 2 dollars a month. 

I especially like Teju Cole's contributions. Linked here is an article of his about Jan Van Eyck, turbans, class and aristocracy- about fashion and faith. It's disarmingly short and personal. What a thing- to reach across centuries and find the contemporary throbbing in a matter of paragraphs. 

Cole notes Van Eyck’s signature on the Ghent Altar piece : ALC.IXH.XAN—“as I can,” or “to the best of my ability.” It’s a nice Northern Renaissance version of the Humble Brag. 

Any time someone brings up Van Eyck I have a mini spasm in my head for the description Erwin Panofsky gave of Van Eyck’s painting: “Microscopic Telescopic,” looking so closely at detail that through its lens you discover the universe. 

Teju’s twitter feed is a gem also. He understands poetic concision. And that’s just one of the fellas who writes there. Wow~!


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