Photo by Violet Shuraka of myself, Heather Morgan, and Zachary Adam Cohen… mugging at the Gawker NSFW part where Heather was showing her randy paintings.

We meet again; Heather showed with my old roomate Ben Ward.

Ben paints civil war zombies. On the real. Uses phosphorescent paint now. What more can I say? Viscous.

There’s a lot of effort in his semi serious, contextually loaded, finely crafted zombie jokes. I drove with this cat to a dry wedding in Madison Alabama, greenhillside rolling towards the gorgeous limits of the picaresque. We ended up at a Hootie and the Blowfish concert.

I made an engagement ring out of paper and gave it to some pretty girl who kept the joke running long enough that I dissolved in a butterfly sneeze. Everything was weird.

If you’re thinking of taking a life drawing class in Savannah, GA— sign up for professor Ward. He’s a dude. Dude’s a dude. Dude can draw. But apparently dude doesn’t put his shit on the internet very often. Dude?

He’s married these days with a respectable job and is a high quality citizen. Plus he makes art. DiffiCULT. I like the man is what I’m saying.

Alright, fuck. I’m done with this tone. This post was guest written by an intellectually frustrated version of myself. I hated it, but it’s over now.

I love you all. I will do better next time- I swear it.