Nittany Lyin?

Here is a painting I made as a part of a project by the artist Tom Sanford, who is opening a show at Bravin Lee Programs on December 31st called 100 Little Deaths

My subject was Joe Paterno
Paterno is the deceased football coach for Penn State University who allegedly stood for sportsmanship and academic integrity
Also he concealed and abated a child rapist, Jerry Sandusky, because Sandusky was a good defensive coordinator
Moral ambiguity is a favorite theme of mine
We Are
State Penn!

I tried to paint Joe without humor
at some point i felt like he shouldn’t be wearing a shirt
felt it was necessary to paint his nipples
felt that it was necessary to think about Joe Pa having nipples

Joked with my girlfriend about the price of this painting
Thought that I would probably have to pay someone
to take it home
had a negative market value
Moral failing is a weird decor choice
Of course people collect things for other reasons than decor
but not as often as I want to make them

The molestation thing is interesting
I grew up going to a Catholic church
We had a priest there named Father Joseph Labbe
Turns out Father Labbe grabbed some balls or otherwise abused little kids
I wasn’t catholicy or around enough to be a target of the ball grabbing, I think
I don’t remember ever buying into the robe wearing or the body of christ eating or the blood drinking
My general cynicism was largely based on the fact that Church was boring
Everything else in the world was Entertaining
Big media had been winning the imagination war for at least a century

Also felt compelled by general things in nature/reality at least a little

Later learning that God was dead was no real surprize

History will have to decide if early 90’s video games are more interesting than Nietzsche

In his glory days father Joe Labbe would go on about the holy trinity
this single entity that was also a plurality: the father, the son, and the holy ghost…
It’s supposed to be mind blowing
He’s one dude but he’s also three dudes!!!
Felt like he didn’t know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Because that’s some mind blowing mythology
Felt like he didn’t know about the Legend of Zelda or Super Metroid
Also there is an added bonus of knowing that this stuff exists in game format
And is not real life

What corrupting forces are currently forcing you into
ethical exhaustion?
I googled Joseph Labbe
because I was sincerely interested
in what a disgraced priest
does with their life after fondling

This sounds mean spirited
but I will tell you that
for at least a few keystrokes of my day
I was feeling genuine empathy
for this fella that tried to curb his weird human longings
towards a path he thought was righteous
but is now walking the earth
a disgraced vestige
of a God that
probably lied to him
about existing
in the first place

I found out that the ‘credible claims’
brought against him in 2002 
Led to his formal dismissal from the clerical state
in 2010
(lol, what’s the rush?)
he can still serve in one function
why don’t I just quote direct from the Catholic Diocese Website:

Dismissal from the clerical state means that in accord with canon law Joseph P. Labbe is no longer incardinated in the Diocese of Cleveland, and he is unable to function in any capacity as a priest anywhere, with the exception of offering absolution to the dying.

Good news
People on your death beds
Joseph P. Labbe
child molestor
is available
to usher you out
beyond human comprehension
into that formidable abyss
where death concludes
whatever story
you were trying to tell