Some thoughts in the order they’ve occurred to me on the occasion of posting this queer little drawing that I made:

  • Last weekend I had a rangy, uninformed conversation with some BrooksBrothersBro about cybersquatting and this case - where the delectably evil Koch brothers tried to sue some web pranksters for defamation. Me and this lunchtime-whiskey-dry cufflinked fella had different opinions about the case but neither of us had any idea what we were talking about. Then an iphone got involved. Google showed up. A legal definition of satire really sucks the air out of the room…
  • I’m glad to see the case was thrown out. I bet cybersquatters are often a lot less steampunk looking than actual squatters.
  • Another good way to ruin a productive afternoon is to spend some time researching squatter’s rights. Wikipedia calls this “Adverse Possession”

"By adverse possession, title to another’s real property can be acquired without compensation, by holding the property in a manner that conflicts with the true owner's rights for a specified period.”

  • Unfortunately “Adverse Possession” gets a lot more complicated than finders keepers.
  • I don’t think China is going to get those original pillaged zodiac head sculptures back from France or Christie’s or the private collectors who have them now. They probably should.