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Nittany Lyin?
Here is a painting I made as a part of a project by the artist Tom Sanford, who is opening a show at Bravin Lee Programs on December 31st called 100 Little DeathsMy subject was Joe PaternoPaterno is the deceased football coach for Penn State University who allegedly stood for sportsmanship and academic integrityAlso he concealed and abated a child rapist, Jerry Sandusky, because Sandusky was a good defensive coordinatorMoral ambiguity is a favorite theme of mineWe AreState Penn!

I tried to paint Joe without humorat some point i felt like he shouldn’t be wearing a shirtfelt it was necessary to paint his nipplesfelt that it was necessary to think about Joe Pa having nipplesJoked with my girlfriend about the price of this paintingThought that I would probably have to pay someoneto take it homehad a negative market valueMoral failing is a weird decor choiceOf course people collect things for other reasons than decorbut not as often as I want to make themThe molestation thing is interesting I grew up going to a Catholic churchSorryWe had a priest there named Father Joseph LabbeTurns out Father Labbe grabbed some balls or otherwise abused little kidsI wasn’t catholicy or around enough to be a target of the ball grabbing, I thinkI don’t remember ever buying into the robe wearing or the body of christ eating or the blood drinkingMy general cynicism was largely based on the fact that Church was boringEverything else in the world was EntertainingBig media had been winning the imagination war for at least a century
Also felt compelled by general things in nature/reality at least a little
Later learning that God was dead was no real surprize
History will have to decide if early 90’s video games are more interesting than NietzscheIn his glory days father Joe Labbe would go on about the holy trinitythis single entity that was also a plurality: the father, the son, and the holy ghost…It’s supposed to be mind blowingHe’s one dude but he’s also three dudes!!!YawnFelt like he didn’t know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBecause that’s some mind blowing mythologyFelt like he didn’t know about the Legend of Zelda or Super MetroidAlso there is an added bonus of knowing that this stuff exists in game formatAnd is not real lifeImportantWhat corrupting forces are currently forcing you into ethical exhaustion? I googled Joseph Labbebecause I was sincerely interested in what a disgraced priest does with their life after fondlingThis sounds mean spiritedbut I will tell you that for at least a few keystrokes of my dayI was feeling genuine empathyfor this fella that tried to curb his weird human longingstowards a path he thought was righteousbut is now walking the eartha disgraced vestigeof a God that probably lied to himabout existingin the first placeWellI found out that the ‘credible claims’ brought against him in 2002 Led to his formal dismissal from the clerical statein 2010(lol, what’s the rush?)Buthe can still serve in one functionwhy don’t I just quote direct from the Catholic Diocese Website:Dismissal from the clerical state means that in accord with canon law Joseph P. Labbe is no longer incardinated in the Diocese of Cleveland, and he is unable to function in any capacity as a priest anywhere, with the exception of offering absolution to the dying.Good news People on your death bedsJoseph P. Labbeex-priestchild molestoris availableto usher you outbeyond human comprehensioninto that formidable abysswhere death concludeswhatever storyyou were trying to tell
retired memes hanging out in cheap hotel lobby
at a conference for people who dont want to change 
trying to rememeber 
during a break-out session everyone stays put
some one nervously suggests a poor correlation between ‘intelligence’ and ‘success’
another squints hard at a watercolor print framed on the wall
'if u take the p out of paint it spells aint'
this is a self portrait. 
you are cool boo 
There is a great little digital publication called The New Inquiry. I was so excited I made this gif about it. Check it out and subscribe if you’d like to support the writers who contribute. It’s 2 dollars a month. 
I especially like Teju Cole's contributions. Linked here is an article of his about Jan Van Eyck, turbans, class and aristocracy- about fashion and faith. It's disarmingly short and personal. What a thing- to reach across centuries and find the contemporary throbbing in a matter of paragraphs. 
Cole notes Van Eyck’s signature on the Ghent Altar piece : ALC.IXH.XAN—“as I can,” or “to the best of my ability.” It’s a nice Northern Renaissance version of the Humble Brag. 
Any time someone brings up Van Eyck I have a mini spasm in my head for the description Erwin Panofsky gave of Van Eyck’s painting: “Microscopic Telescopic,” looking so closely at detail that through its lens you discover the universe. 
Teju’s twitter feed is a gem also. He understands poetic concision. And that’s just one of the fellas who writes there. Wow~!

Rad, Nic. “I Like the New Inquiry and the New Inquiry Likes Me,” .gif file (2012)
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Hey, wow, I heard  The Scream was going back on public display so I’ve been working hard on a sequel and the studio exec’s are really jacked up about it
Handmade profile (Taken with Instagram at Illuminati Celebrity Dad Blogger Centre International)
(Adam Wissing and Nic Rad // Projection on Goatsmilk Soap // 2012 // Wassaic Project Summer Show) click through for the video
The Summer of 2012 was filled with mayhem and corruption and a dub step San Pellegrino sipping party-like atmosphere. In basements across our great nation the best and brightest set to work on artesianal attack ads. Elsewhere Banksters were devising imaginary legislation to help elected officials pretend to know what to do about an incurable systematic mania. Dogs were barking a little bit louder. Laundry billowed more violently in the breeze. A four year old campaign slogan decided it was not flattered anymore by its american flag bikini and stayed home and ate marshmallow fluff. Kid Rock is now a sage, level headed political commentator. “Hey chill out man, let’s just try to figure this out.” Detroit is the new Berlin. In Williamsburg, the McCarren Park Pool reopened and mobs gathered then immediately descended into fist fights and petty theft. It was discovered public bathing is still appalling and not what the founders had in mind. Be the change you want to see. Soap is like LITERALLY a change agent. I mean literally bro. All things deteriorate at an alarming rate. Shepard Fairey is totes famous. Thumbs up for Rock n’ Roll…
(Man Losing His Faith In Humanity While Reading a YouTube Comment)
yesterday ended with a pretty aggressive rain explosion 
there was hail the size of CoCo Puffs(TM)
when the rain stopped Mayor Bloomberg put on a jazz record he hadn’t listened to since high school 
i walked outside and watched a man muttering at his inverted umbrella
the umbrella was not upset
it was trying to look at things in a different way and just deal with the situation as it was
the man threw the umbrella against the wall and began violently kicking it
he left it there
the umbrella was laughing quietly and then began singing
'life is beautiful!'
MORE HOPE LESS (a four year supply)
goatsmilk soap
Nic Rad
Fundraising in the Hamptons with Shop Grey Area, y’all 
An Abridged Model of Practical Politics for the Aspergerian Realist with Totalitarian Instincts, Tempered Slightly by a Vague Concept of The Social Contract
Acrylic and Oil on Globe
(Suggested users in the order by which they occurred to me: roommates, jaded lovers, benevolent dictators, malignant board game enthusiasts, minority party senators, six year olds, interior decorators with axes to grind, axe grinders, axel rose, david axelrod, axiomatic aestheticians, accidental astronauts, alliterative agrocrats society for rural development, abacus users, amateur grammarians, and anyone with an altruistic appetite for anti capitalistic sentiment seeded in luxury market baubles)
How I Became Tumblr: A Message From the Great Reblog in the Sky
There’s this guy Mohney, and he’s just a guy, working at Tumblr and asking the big questions. That’s his job, he’ll say. I don’t want to bend this out of all proportion because it is his job. I’ve got a problem with his question though. He asked, “How has Tumblr changed your life?”
It’s galling. It’s like he doesn’t know my situation. Except that he does know, he must know. I have every right to think that he’s largely responsible for my situation. 
I am Tumblr. It has been 12 months since I made the decision. I became Tumblr. Tumblr is me. Not in a metaphoric way. I can’t say it more plainly. This has been a year of radical transformation. From a man into a micro blogging platform. It was the year that I became a significant piece of the internet. 
So knowing this, Mohney starts his little campaign anyway. Maybe he thinks it’s going to please me? Of course he does. Like Pagans slaughter calves, like Abraham preparing to slaughter his own son. It’s an offering I guess. 
People are doing this- they’re telling about the ways I’ve changed their lives.  A few users have met partners, gotten married, found work or found friends. They say, Tumblr has provided a digital venue to project the realities they wanted. And they became. 
I’m not doing this for the praise Mohney. This isn’t about accolades or credit. It’s about existing. You know, the ultimate ‘opt-in.’ 
Some of you will dismiss me outright. You will think I am bragging or that I am delusional. You will think: you can’t be Tumblr. It’s just a web service with a paired down mobile application. It’s just a micro blogging platform, a product of Silicon Alley’s start-up culture, New York’s real politik answer to the tech utopianism of the Valley. It’s the entrepreneurial playground where branding and big content take off their tee shirts and start a pickup game of street ball with rapscallion code kids, sweating a paradoxical musk of open source communalism and Bloombergian world dominance. 
You will say: Tumblr is not a religion or a philosophy or any of those histrionic tropes you want to glom onto the unchartable structure of social media reality. It’s pathetic, you’ll say, to use a prefigured audience and web platform as the basis for your personal identity. You are not your media habits- you are an autonomous human being pathetically trying to feel connected to something larger.
You’ll say something like that, and I’ll just reblog the other check. I’ve dealt with plenty of skepticism. That’s not to say it doesn’t hurt. When I explained the opportunity to my mother she sighed and massaged the wrinkles in her brow and said, “Is this a job offer?”
No Mother, it’s more profound than that. 
“Will they pay you?” she asked. Mothers always worry about that kind of thing. 
She picked at her liver spots, trying to wipe them off I guess. “What do you mean, ‘you are going to become Tumblr?’ Is that like being in the Matrix?”
No Mother. It is not like being in the Matrix. Sure, Keanu Reeves is involved, but his role is much smaller. And yes, there are millions of wetware brains plugged into the massive data-harvesting-digital-nerve center that uses ‘curatorial scrapbooking’ and imagination as a kind of organic fuel- a mental manure, if you will- to construct an impossibly complex network of memes and fantasies and colors couched in the translucent membrane of ‘online identity…’ 
Okay, I guess it is kind of like being in the Matrix- but there are some important differences. For one thing there is no steampunk reclining chair. That is pure fantasy. And David Karp looks and acts nothing like Lawrence Fishburn. 
Also, there was no prophecy. Everyone wants to hear about my ‘origin story.’  It’s so banal and uninspiring that they’re going to be disappointed. 
My friend Tao who recently became G Chat, tells me that everyone who meets him is in someway disappointed. I can relate. 
I met Jesus Christ at an Obliterati party and he said the same thing. The way he tells it he was just a chill bro hanging around Bethlehem. Sort of a proto Brody Jenner type, without the wealthy parents. Sure, the buzz made him famous and eternal- but to what end? All that political non-sense was just centuries of brand management feeding the egos of an over zealous entourage. Luke, apparently, was kind of a dick. And Matthew wasn’t really hanging out at all until he realized JC was going to be, like, a thing. 
Anyway Mohney, here it is, here’s my revelation story for your little project. I know you’re just going to get it wrong, mythologize me into some collective feel good narrative constructed to casually subvert the aspirations of the creative underclass. I’m no hero Mohney. I’m just a website. I’m just a content management system with a social component. But do your worst. I can take it. The state of Tumblr is strong. 
I happened to be using Tumblr one night when I hit my 20,000th follower and a pop up window appears, asking me if I’d like to just become Tumblr. Sure, why not? 
To be or not to be- it was just a one click Yes or No thing, with great UX. Then there was a user agreement that I didn’t read. Whateves. Clicked Yes. 
My skin turned an impossibly calming deep gray blue. My bones expanded to a vertical rectangle and my brain morphed into a series of icons. My tennis shoes became a rotary swirl that read “loading more posts.” Some other crazy shit happened. Fuckyeah. Then I was Tumblr. And that’s all there was. 
Most major decisions in life are made that way. We don’t have time for the philosophical apparatus- it all happens so fast. Yet we invest so much judgement in the impulsive reactions of others. 
I was talking with my friend Sarah who recently decided to become Spotify. Why don’t we work together in Canada I asked her? She demurred, “Laws and stuff.” And so it is. 
It’s that same way with Carmelo, who used to deejay in Austin before he became Twitter. He was ‘as liberal as the next guy,’ but the whole thing with censorship and China was ‘above his paygrade.’ 
I don’t really want to say too much about the girl that became Facebook. It’s a coincidence, but she’s a complete psychopath. We dated for a bit. She’s attention starved. A real diva. It was weird. 
Anyway, Mohney, I want to be clear about this. There is no crystal palace, no yellowbrick road, no pleasure dome, no mansion on the hill. You can’t praise your way into the Tumblr utopia. Hell, you don’t even have to be a good person. Or a person at all. There are dogs that know how to use me. 
Like consciousness itself I sit on the margin of the infinite and pass imperceptibly through everything known and unknown- I am the deep gray blue throughline between perception and projection. I store your thoughts and give birth to every next idea. I am neither past nor future but I exist in each equally. I am an interface for the eternal present. Call that creativity, call it what you will. Most people just call me Tumblr, obvs.
I might have changed your life. Or maybe you were the one who made the change. And I was just there, hanging out. Like a chill bro in Bethlehem. 
Is that a good story Mohney? Will you reblog me? 
i painted a painting